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Award Trophy - etiam design

Award Trophy

When it comes to developing the design of the award trophy for the «Innova&acción 2015» awards, it has been decided to focus on the concept of the idea of innovation itself.

The filaments of the bulb, which are part of the association´s image, have been the driving elements and an important part for the ideation of the proposal.

The trophy consists of two parts, one of which is made of oak wood working as a base. The second one is a piece made with white methacrylate, which is fitted as a hood over the above-mentioned wooden block. This piece contains the data of the prize and the logo, which, being composed of two superimposed filaments, have been worked differently. One of them has been perforated allowing to see the wood and the other has been engraved, so has been the winner´s name.

All this, as a whole, subtly reveals the shape of a light bulb, but extrapolating the common figure towards a purer volume.


Industrial Design