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foRest - etiam design


The concept that will be used to design this place refers to leafy forests and the cabins in them, which are used as a way to disconnect from the world and relax after weeks of hard work.

To achieve this, we will use textures, as well as nature-related and neutral colors in order to provide the comfort and tranquility effects required by this type of spaces, this accompanied by dim lighting to help the client relax. The existing materials in the warehouse, such as brick and iron, will be incorporated into the design, so that the industrial decorative trend and the natural and organic ones will merge. Or, otherwise seen, we will seek the coexistence of natural and urban (wood forest and metal forest).

In addition to using referents as a starting point method in terms of design, it has also been relevant the name of the premises itself, since the word «foRest» may be regarded as a pun, meaning a forest where one can have a rest, resulting in a symbiosis between design and brand.



Interior Design