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iKi JAPANESE GASTRO - ART - etiam design


Japanese culture has always been heavily influenced by its own aesthetic aspects. Dance, theater, painting, gastronomy … have their hallmark in this culture, which, in one way or another, makes it different from the rest and an influence in many areas of our current life.

In Japanese gastronomy you can see how the treatment and the way of preparing the food, from the first cut to its plating, follows a delicate technique and precision that turn the final result into pure art.

With regard to the art of paper folding, origami also requires those precision and technique which confer that beauty coming from the bare minimum, a square of paper.

It is for this reason that the concept which is going to be followed for the interior and ambience of this space will be focused on art, but specifically on Japanese cuisine and origami. These two aspects merge together to create the «Gastro-Art», a space where food and art are very united and converge as a restaurant and workshops.

Presentation board for the CDICV contest – 2016



Interior Design